London Ontario, Canada

Lively Film Creations Inc. 

Passion.    Quality.    Creativity.

Explore our portfolio to witness the wide range and depth of our creative endeavors. From corporate videos and promotional content to commercials and short films, Lively Film Creations has left an indelible mark on diverse storytelling mediums.

Saving You Time Commercial

Bluejay Irrigation

JoBean Beach Umbrella Commercial

Filmed in Grand Bend ON

NET Wood Studio | Company Video

Filmed in Orlando Florida

Music Video | Marry Her by Maddy McKenzie

Filmed in London ON

TLC Landscaping | Recruitment Video

Filmed in London ON

Gerrie Electric | Company Video

Filmed in Toronto ON

Cultivate Co. Womans Event Promo

Filmed in London ON at Anderson Brewery

RBC Wealth Management | Company Video

Filmed in London ON

Brady Rowland Fitness Promo

Filmed in London ON